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12. August 2022

Go right to the source

It’s been a great week! We’re supporting a versatile new data source, ensuring a streamlined experience while viewing docs in embeds, and adding design details to let you know we care 😊

New in GRID

  • Ta-da! We’ve got a brand new option when you select a data source for your GRID docs: Import from URL. Just look for the Link icon that appears in the list of cloud sources. Click it and paste any URL that refers to a csv or xlsx file. Provide a title for the file and you’re good to go!

  • We changed GRID document links in embeds over to embed links. That way, you’ll stay in Embed mode when you’re viewing a doc within an embed.

  • You’ll notice some pretty design tweaks, like the little Pro plan label on options available to Professional subscribers, and the look of the new Import from URL option in the cloud sources section.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • We noticed that we needed to add some color to dropdown options when they’re being hovered over. The improvement is so nice 🎨

  • Expectation vs. reality: it seems logical that clicking the Enter button would save the document title you just typed, right? Well it wasn’t working that way. We’ve fixed it.

  • Seems like some document titles on mobile were trying to fade into the background. They’re now back to black, as they should be.

  • Oops. On mobile, the step arrows were intruding into the element below.