05. November 2021

Introducing new ways to explore and explain data together

The team’s hard work this week was evident. Not only did we manage to debut a major new feature, we tackled unforeseen issues and kept up a killer pace.

The Conversations feature is here to blow open the doors on creative ideation and communication. Our goal with this feature is to offer a new way for our users to explore and explain data in context, as a collaborative exchange.

Coming up next:

  • The much-requested Pie chart feature is pending release. It’s gonna be great!

  • We’re working on support for the LaTex math function, ready soon.


Bug fixes:

  • A bug causing draft changes to become unexpectedly hidden in Edit mode was fixed.

  • We noticed that occasionally when updating section width, the document would incorrectly adjust its position. We’ve got things back in line.

  • It turns out that a tooltip arrow was accidentally scrolling with the document, so we’ve sorted that out.

  • That was weird. We discovered that sometimes when scrolling through full screen documents, the next slide wouldn’t continue from the top but from somewhere in the middle. This has been solved!