Product update - scratchpad
16. September 2022

Introducing Scratchpad!

Ok, this week was a monster 👾 Not only did we make tons of product improvements & bug fixes, we also launched our new, lightweight spreadsheet editor, Scratchpad! It’s a truly BIG deal for people who want a smarter way to work with numbers.

New in GRID

  • GRID Scratchpad has arrived 🎉 This is more than an exciting new feature – it’s a leap towards GRID’s vision of becoming an end-to-end data tool. Scratchpad lets you:
    👉🏾Type in and edit data directly in GRID
    👉🏾Paste data from multiple sources (spreadsheets, Notion databases, the web)
    👉🏾Combine data from different sources into a single chart or model
    Instead of using prepared data, you can get off to a quick start in Scratchpad when you want to visualize some impromptu analysis. Learn more about Scratchpad here.

  • Slack fans rejoice! We’ve added Slack as a sign-up option. Now you can use your workplace’s Slack URL to sign in and keep the conversations flowing in GRID.

  • Want to know who’s done what? We’ve just updated the document list on your Home page so that it shows who’s most recently edited a doc. Your list will indicate whether docs have been last edited by you, a collaborator by their user name, or via spreadsheet change.

Bug fixes and improvements 🐛 🧹

  • We’ve made some tweaks to the formula field in GRID’s editor. Now you’ll see helpful information about functions and get a tiny nudge when writing formulas so you don’t have to seek help elsewhere.

  • Images were resizing while loading from a URL which was a bit of a surprise for some users. We’ve sorted it out.

  • Woah. We found a bug that caused the value in a slider to become way too large when another, differently formatted value was added.

  • We solved an issue where an error message was shown even after the error had been fixed.

  • Made some sweet little updates to our in-product Help guide.

  • The spreadsheet panel was opening when a tooltip element was added – not quite what we wanted.

  • Scrolling around… we found that when auto-scroll was initiated at the edge of the spreadsheet panel, it was causing the scroll position on an axis to bop around unexpectedly.

  • Weird behavior. Dragging one selection of cells over top of another caused part of the selected data to be erased. It’s been fixed.