08. April 2022

Intuitive new layout

Brand new layout capabilities are changing the doc building game. Keep your eyes out for the new Column element, navigation panel, and standard document width too.

New in GRID

  • Our exciting new Layout is here! We wanted to create a friendlier way for authors to customize their document’s layout — one that would feel more intuitive and help people easily achieve the structure they’re going for. As with any major update, you may find that you need to adjust some of your projects accordingly. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch at [email protected] if we can help you navigate these changes.

  • We’re happy to introduce: the Column element. This super handy new layout element makes it possible to arrange content in up to 4 adjacent columns. Document sections will become a thing of the past as we transition over to these smart, customizable columns.

  • Presenting: a new navigation panel! Look to the left margin on your Home page - you’ll see buttons for: Home, My Account, Help, Community, and the GRID front page. The navigation panel remains open when you’re on your account page, and the Help, Community, and Front page buttons will lead you to the relevant pages in a new tab.

  • Announcing a standard doc width. All documents will now have a standard width – it’s slightly wider than our former default. This change makes it easier to attain a consistent aesthetic between all your projects. But why a standard document width, you ask? Well, we discovered that full-width documents posed a bit of a usability problem – they simply weren’t very readable on desktop unless formatted into 4 columns. We also identified that the vast majority of full-width documents were being formatted as such for embedding purposes.

  • This ⬆️ is why we introduced a feature that allows authors to scale the width of their embeds independently from the document as a whole. Learn more about adjusting center-aligning iframes here. These changes better serve the need for customized GRID embeds without affecting entire documents.

Bug fixes

  • We found a SORT function discrepancy between Excel and Google Sheets that resulted in the removal of the formula from the file. GRID, however, included the formula, causing problems when sort order value was set to FALSE. Fixed!

  • A sharp-eyed user let us know about an issue where dynamic circular dependencies were being treated as errors, despite iterative calculations being enabled. We’re thankful for the feedback!

  • Oops…it seems like our three-dot menu got a little out of line - we’re back on track.

  • Surprisingly artistic! Or maybe just surprising. A user experienced the text in their document changing color unexpectedly. That was a new one for us.