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19. August 2022

Laying the groundwork

We’ve been laying the groundwork for great things to come this week. We deployed a brand new Help Center, a short n’ sweet survey, made it a snap to work fast with the Insert element button, and fixed all the bugs we caught.

New in GRID:

  • It’s so gorgeous, we can’t even. You’ll find our new Help Center by clicking the ? button on your Home page, or from within any of your documents. This amazingly handy new feature lets you search directly for and read about specific help topics and links to our complete collection of help guides. It also offers a list of quick guides (the most commonly requested help topics) and makes it easy to book an onboarding call right. this. minute. This wealth of helpful information is now much more accessible, and we’re feelin’ it.

  • We updated the list of templates on the Home page to make sure you have access to the most relevant topics.

  • People who work through our tutorial will now see a short survey appear upon completion. Feedback we get will help us make all the right improvements.

  • Try this! Select a data range that contains no numbers, dates, or TRUE/FALSE values in the spreadsheet panel, then click the Insert element button (beta). A formatted table will appear in your GRID doc instead of a chart. What a timesaver!

  • We’ve got big features coming up - stay tuned 📡

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Identity crisis? In Firefox, the Pie chart icon morphed into a black box for a little while. We fixed it 🛠️

  • When it comes to the Data field, our tutorial was being a bit (case) sensitive, pretending not to recognize lowercase letters entered into formulas.

  • There’s such a thing as being too helpful. Our little Help tooltip was overlapping the Help pop up guide, so we had to fix that.