Keep up with Conversations, even on the go. We’re making your mobile experience better.
27. May 2022

Making GRID mobile magic

Riding high since our GRID + Notion integration, this week we introduced Conversations for mobile. We kept up the pace with bug fixes and all-around improvements too.

New in GRID:

  • GRID conversations for mobile 📲  As part of our ongoing aim to make your mobile GRID experience magical: mobile Conversations make in-doc collaboration quick and convenient for everyone who’s got places to go & people to see.

  • We’ve improved the clickability of input fields on mobile so that they’re more comfortable to use on your devices. 

  • In case you missed it: we’re proud to introduce our new integration for Notion. GRID brings awesome interactivity to your Notion projects so you can enrich them with all kinds of dynamic charts & custom calculators.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Our Switch to desktop banner was so cute… except we found out it was covering up content in mobile view. Fixed!

  • A customer was in touch to let us know about some issues viewing an embedded document on mobile. Thanks for the feedback 👏

  • Bad button. We discovered that a button on the create a username form was performing the wrong action – sorry ‘bout that.

  • More button business! Although we *said* that the target cell for a button could be either a cell or a range, it wasn’t working for ranges as expected. Got it figured out.