03. December 2021

Planning for the future

The team is heading into the holiday season in high spirits. We’ve done some amazing cross-functional work to plan for the next few months, and it really reminds us how important collaboration and honest dialogue is to grow an imaginative, cutting-edge product. The excitement around the office is palpable ⚡

New in GRID:

  • Clickable links in conversations. Now a new window will open when the link in a conversation is clicked – it’s a nice touch :) 

Bug fixes:

  • The dotted layout lines surrounding formula outputs in Edit mode were a bit more persistent than we’d have liked and were showing up in View mode too. It’s now been corrected.

  • Well that happened. When new users added a chart to a section a little too quickly, the chart broke through the section. We’ve fixed it! 

  • We heard from a user who was dealing with a letter in their document description that couldn’t be deleted. We have to admit that this problem was a little odd, but it’s now been corrected.