24. June 2022

Serving up value with every update

How can we improve your experience? More options, easier editing, and a simpler flow? Got it! We tackled all the bugs this week too.

New in GRID:

  • We’ve added an option to the Editor panel that allows you to enable or disable inputs like buttons, dropdowns, and input fields depending on how you’d like viewers to interact with your document. For example, you can now disable a submit button until a form has been sufficiently filled out.

  • When you go to add a spreadsheet to your GRID doc, you’ll notice an updated modal with a simplified set of options.

  • Authors can now edit the title of their documents while in View mode.

  • You don’t need to hit ‘Enter’ – the Insert menu will reposition itself when you click beneath or beside a block in your GRID document.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Vanishing buttons? Our Get started button pulled a disappearing act 🎩🪄

  • Oops. The Spreadsheet panel was unexpectedly closing when a second spreadsheet was added – now it remains open with the new sheet selected.

  • We’ve released a fix for a problem in Firefox where documents couldn’t be renamed.

  • Infinite redirecting - not so fun. We solved a problem where some folks were repeatedly redirected when trying to view a shared doc.

  • Lost on Safari 🦒 A bug came up where users weren’t able to type into the body of their documents while using Safari. Fixed!