10. June 2022

Small improvements, big impact

We’re introducing support for five new Excel functions as well as GSheets’ SORT function. It’s also been a busy week of deploying small but noticeably nice product improvements.

New in GRID:

  • Introducing new function support for WRAPROWS, WRAPCOLS, TAKE, DROP & EXPAND 🚀

  • We also support Google Sheets’ form of the SORT function.

  • It used to be a little tough to view long formulas that fell into two or more lines. Thanks to recent tweaks, it’s now easier to view and select longer formulas in the formula bar.

  • You’ll see nice little notices in the GRID editor confirming when you’ve copied code or a link.

  • We’ve made an update to let users create smart links to other GRID documents. Just copy the doc link and paste it into another GRID doc, and voilá! An elegant-looking smart link will appear, showing the document title.

 Bug fixes 🐛

  • Inline elements now appear more neatly within lines of text. 

  • We crushed a bug that was causing new docs without data to crash when a chart was added.