The latest in quality of life updates
03. June 2022

The latest in quality of life updates 

This week’s updates focused on some quality of life improvements to our editor. From better accessibility to easier sharing, we’re looking at the beauty – and functionality – in the details.

 New in GRID:

  • You’ll see labels next to the actions on your document toolbar in the GRID editor. This little touch makes it quicker to navigate the toolbar at a glance.

  • We added a Sign-up button in the top right corner of public documents to make it a tad easier for people to get signed up and started in GRID.

  • There’s a new “copy link” at the top of the sharing window for super easy and quick sharing.

  • More colorful formulas? Why yes! We’ve gone beyond highlighting cell ranges in formulas - GRID now also highlights booleans, numbers, strings, and errors in the formula bar when you’re editing.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Like a bad magic show, the content in some CSV workbooks became invisible in the spreadsheet panel for an unknown reason. Things are back to normal!

  • We discovered an error with the number format #.###0. For example, =TEXT(-10.29, “#.###0”) should return -10.290. With the bug, it resulted in -10.29. No worries, we got it sorted out.

Likewise, we found that =TEXT(1e9, "0E+00") was incorrectly formatting one billion.