26. November 2021

Time for teamwork

It’s been one (or two) of those weeks. The team is in the midst of some amazing creative work – brainstorming, building, and designing. We’re bringing our best ideas to the table and getting ready to spearhead some really exciting product developments over the next months. We even managed to squash some bugs too 🪲 

New in GRID:

Bug fixes:

  • An issue came up where only the first page of a document appeared when GRID documents were being printed out, while the rest were missing. This has now been fixed.

  • We’re working on addressing a problem where GRID docs don’t seem to work quite right on certain browser versions.

  • The shakedown: the access settings window was at times shaking and flickering – we corrected that ASAP.

  • Woah. Users were getting an unexpected error message when typing in cell references for non-adjacent ranges. We dug around a bit and fixed the issue.