17. June 2022

We’re here when you need a hand 👐

GRID’s here for you! Now it’s easier to request support from our Customer Success team right within your doc. We’ve also got a brand new element for you: let’s welcome Interactive values.

New in GRID:

  • Whether you just need a few pointers or you’ve got more heavy-duty issues, we’ve made it easier to request support from directly within your document. Just click the Help icon in the bottom left corner of the doc and you’ll have the option to go to the Help Center, or submit a help request with a single click. 

  • Interactive values! This new interaction element lets you insert dynamic numerical values in line with text in your documents, and then increase/decrease those values with a quick click n’ drag.

  • Not logged in to GRID? When viewing docs with conversations enabled, you’ll see a friendly bubble prompting you to log in or sign up (if you don’t yet have an account) in order to add your thoughts to a conversation.

  • We’ve reordered charts in the insert menu according to popularity.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • We fixed an error where the buttons to increment numbers by step were getting stuck. 

  • Oops, out of line. Line charts were crashing when an empty data cell was added.

  • The sort-by button didn’t offer an option to stop sorting - but it does now.