11. March 2022

You’ve been notified!

A friendly user experience is what we’re striving for! New notifications are here to help teams feel more connected to each other.

New in GRID

  • This week we’re super excited about the release of email notifications. You now have the option to receive notifications when someone replies to a conversation you’re part of, when you (or others) are added to a group, and when documents are shared with you, or a group you’re in. You can manage these notifications on your Account page and decide which, if any,  you’d like to receive with a simple check of the box ☑️

  • And speaking of friendly communication, we’re also débuting notifications for document likes. Now you’ll see a little ❤️ under your GRID Notifications to let you know that someone’s feelin’ your work.

  • Slide breaks used to live on the periphery of your documents, helping to organize them into slides whenever you wanted to present on a larger scale. We thought they looked a little lonely over there, though. So, we’ve welcomed Slide breaks into our family of elements – now you’ll find them in the Other elements category under the Insert menu.

Bug fixes 🪲

  • The circular dependency demon reared its head again, but we found a fix!

  • In rare cases, recalculations were failing on very long dependency chains. 

  • We’ve made performance improvements to make sure that docs relying on If functions are snappier.