What’s New in GRID

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Our latest product updates

06. May 2022

Welcoming Loom embeds!

Introducing support for embedded Loom videos! We’re releasing a bunch of fixes & fun stuff.

29. April 2022

A better, more beautiful experience 

Bringing you simpler navigation, snazzy new colors & more streamlined design 💃

08. April 2022

Intuitive new layout

It’s friendlier, more intuitive, but just as powerful. There’s lots to love about Layout 😍

25. March 2022

First steps toward a fresh new feel

A beautiful new look for buttons is only a taste of designs to come 🔆

11. March 2022

You’ve been notified!

We’re super excited about the release of new notifications. We’re keeping teams connected 🥳

03. December 2021

Planning for the future

This time of year shows us how important it is to bring people together – in person or otherwise.

26. November 2021

Time for teamwork

It’s crunch time for the whole team – that means great things are on the way.

05. November 2021

Introducing new ways to explore and explain data together

Conversations have arrived! We’re moving into a new era of collaborative communication.

29. October 2021

Focusing on refinement and the business of bug-crushing 

In anticipation of big news next week, our team’s been super focused on refinement & eliminating bugs.