What’s New in GRID

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Our latest product updates

27. May 2022

Making GRID mobile magic

Keep up with Conversations, even on the go. We’re making your mobile experience better.

06. May 2022

Welcoming Loom embeds!

Introducing support for embedded Loom videos! We’re releasing a bunch of fixes & fun stuff.

29. April 2022

A better, more beautiful experience 

Bringing you simpler navigation, snazzy new colors & more streamlined design 💃

08. April 2022

Intuitive new layout

It’s friendlier, more intuitive, but just as powerful. There’s lots to love about Layout 😍

25. March 2022

First steps toward a fresh new feel

A beautiful new look for buttons is only a taste of designs to come 🔆

11. March 2022

You’ve been notified!

We’re super excited about the release of new notifications. We’re keeping teams connected 🥳

26. November 2021

Time for teamwork

It’s crunch time for the whole team – that means great things are on the way.

05. November 2021

Introducing new ways to explore and explain data together

Conversations have arrived! We’re moving into a new era of collaborative communication.

29. October 2021

Focusing on refinement and the business of bug-crushing 

In anticipation of big news next week, our team’s been super focused on refinement & eliminating bugs.