What’s New in GRID

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Our latest product updates

12. August 2022

Go right to the source

A versatile new data source, streamlined embed viewing, and thoughtful design details.

05. August 2022

Get onboard!

Tutorial touch-ups, bug fixes & usability improvements ✅

29. July 2022

Handy & helpful updates

Making life easier with a new guided tutorial and automatic data selection for display elements.

15. July 2022

Say hello to our Slack integration!

Easier collaboration with Slack, making important things easier to find, and improving your readers’ experience

24. June 2022

Serving up value with every update

Creating greater value via improved user experience, simplified flows, and more choices.

17. June 2022

We’re here when you need a hand 👐

Easier support requests, new Interactive values, and experiments galore.

10. June 2022

Small improvements, big impact

Welcoming smart links, new function support, and small but mighty updates.

03. June 2022

The latest in quality of life updates 

From a more accessible toolbar to easier sharing, we’re making small but meaningful editor improvements!

27. May 2022

Making GRID mobile magic

Keep up with Conversations, even on the go. We’re making your mobile experience better.